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Dog heat stroke first aid tips for HUMAN first responders

A few tips aimed at anyone with no veterinary training who might come across a dog with heat stroke (police, fire service, ambulance etc).

I saw an amazing video this morning of Nottinghamshire constabulary officers rescuing a dog from overheating in a car.

It was such an impressive video and showed people that really cared for that dog.

Reports were that the dog was collapsed and that dog survived – probably due to the officers actions.

However, there were one or two things I would have done slightly differently and it made me realise that there is probably no training on this topic out there aimed at first responders. So here is a little video I made to see if I can help a bit. The production values of this video are close to non-existent, so huge apologies for that, but please watch it, it might help you to save a dog’s life!

By the way, shout out to the officers involved – you did an amazing job. If anyone knows the officers involved, if they would like, I would be very happy to give them some training about dog first aid over the phone or come to talk with them about dog first aid and give them some more advanced training.


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