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our feline friendly practice 

Anyone who owns a cat will know that they are special creatures.  Unique in so many ways, they can be funny, loving, angry, wild and wonderful seemingly all at the same time.  But when it comes to going to the vets, even the most confident tom cat can turn into a nervous wreck.  So, we are making a stand.  When we built the practice and every day since, we have worked to be a feline friendly practice.

That means:

Separate waiting areas for cats and their owners - with their own 'cat parking' area for their boxes, keeping them out of the reach of rambunctious dogs.

A 'no scruff' policy - We always handle cats gently and respectfully, we never scruff a cat (a potentially painful technique, used commonly by some animal professionals, where the skin on the back of the neck is held) apart from in rare, extreme cases where a pet's or human's health is in danger.  We achieve this by reducing the stress of our feline patients where we can, meaning that they do not become frightened or aggressive and can be handled more gently, whilst still treating them medically.


Separate Cat and Dog Wards - Meaning that cats that have to be kept in the clinic for treatment are not housed with the dogs, reducing their stress significantly.

Veterinary designed Cat wards - Our cat housing is spacious, climate controlled, have no bars and do not face towards each other, reducing the stress that cats can feel when they are being watched by other cats or animals.

Cat sized equipment - We stock specific equipment reserved only for cats, which is the right size and shape for them, meaning that we can treat and get them back to health more effectively.


Cats will always be a little anxious when they come to the vets, but we find that cats that come to the Finchley Vet are a little more relaxed than many of the vets and nurses are used to.  That means, better treatment for them and cats that get back to fighting fitness with less stress.

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