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Our Mission:

To provide exceptional care for animals and their owners; to maximise the happiness of pets and the people they share their lives with.

Our Vision:

To lead the UK's veterinary practices in customer care,  allowing veterinary staff to provide exceptional medical care for all pets. 



Our Core Values:

1) Community

 Investing in,  integrating in and enriching our local community.

We will always:

  • Support our local community.

  • Invest our time and effort educating our community about good animal care.

  • Endeavour to create a community of animal lovers.


2) Personalised Care

Giving a personalised service to all of our animal patients and to you, their owners

We will always:

  • Treat each and every patient and owner according to their personal needs, not according to a set 'way of doing things' which is not appropriate.

  • Try to have patients see the same small number of team members each time, so that our patients and owners get to know us and we get to know you.


3) Easy to use 

Making it as easy as possible to access exceptional veterinary care.

We will always:

  • Make it as easy as possible to come into see us and to get great advice

  • Ensure that you understand what is going on with your pet and any treatment plans, before you have to make any decisions, however big.

  • Reduce unnecessary administration for our team, making it as easy as possible for them to deliver the great care that they have been trained to give and love to provide.

4) Love for animals

After all is said and done, we do it because we love animals.

 We will always:


  • Keep our love for animals and those people who care for them paramount and the centre of everything that we do.

 5) Exceptional medicine

Providing modern and effective medicine and surgery for maintaining and restoring health. 

We will always:

  • Provide exceptional general practice care for healing sick animals and keeping well animals healthy, over and above that provided at many local general vet practices.

  • Put a massive amount of time and effort to keep our equipment, training and medical protocols up to date and relevant to modern medical knowledge. 

 6) Fair prices

 Setting our prices to allow us to help the maximum number of pets day in, day out. 

We will always:

  • Set our prices to allow you to access modern veterinary medicine, which can  nowadays help some of the most severely ill animals.

  • Discuss the best option for an individual patient, but will always be happy to discuss other options, if you want.


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