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nurse clinics

At The Finchley Vet we provide a number of nurse clinics offering helpful advice regarding your pet’s health. We appreciate that sometimes you may need a bit of guidance. Many of these clinics are here just to give you peace of mind.

As part of our nurse clinics, we can offer:


  • microchipping

  • advice on nutrition

  • weight clinics

  • post-surgery checks

  • nail clips

  • advice on flea and worming

  • second puppy or kitten vaccinations

  • puppy and kitten weight checks

A nurse is unable to diagnose any conditions nor prescribe treatment. Seeing a vet is necessary if the patient requires a health examination or if there is a medical problem.

Nurse clinics involve preventative healthcare, such as managing weight, nutrition, parasite control etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any aspect of advice. We'd love to help!

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