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Amazing new ultrasound scanner

Our new ultrasound scanner, with one of its probes attached. (The probe is covered in a pink protective plastic sleeve)

We have just got a new ultrasound scanner worth over £25000 and is top of the range!

Ultrasound scans allow us to see inside of our patients in a totally noninvasive and painless way. This new scanner replaces our older scanner and will allow us to see more detail, make more precise measurements and therefore allow faster diagnosis and treatment to many of our pet patients.

We are more than happy to demo it to anyone who would like to see what it can do.

Image below shows measuring blood flow in the liver around the common bile duct (that takes bile from the liver to the intestines). The duct itself is about 3-4mm and the wall of the duct (that is being measured in the picture) is under 1mm!

Image below of a cat kidney -

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