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Consultations free of charge, annual vaccinations and parasite control sent by post to your door - all for only £26.99 per month for cats and £32.99 per month for dogs.  Helping to spread the costs of purrr-fect veterinary care (and saving you a few bob too!!).

Join up online and you can start using the benefits as soon as we are next open. 

(in order to receive medication and use the benefits of The Club, your pet must be a registered patient of The Finchley Vet, and we will have to see them in the clinic before the first medication is sent out to you, so immediately after you have joined The Club, please click on 'register now' above, follow the instructions, then use our 'book appointments now' button above to book your pet's first appointment - if your pet has already seen one of our vets within the last 6 months- you can sign up to The Club and rest easy as all is taken care of).

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