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Why does my cat sneeze so much?

A one off sneeze is normally nothing to worry about. Just like humans, cats will sneeze sometimes. If your cat is sneezing several times a day or for several times, there may be something else going on. Here are some possible problems:

▪ Infections – viral or bacterial – a relatively common cause of sneezing in cats is an infection. Some of the infectious causes of sneezing are covered by their annual vaccinations which is why it is important to keep these up to date!

▪ Foreign body – something stuck up their nose! It is really important we rule out something stuck up their nose as a cause of sneezing especially if it seems to be non stop!

▪ Dental disease – very nasty teeth problems can lead to sneezing.

Find out more about these problems and what we can do about them by reading our great fact sheet about sneezing cats. Of course, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are worried.

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