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My dog has been stung by a bee!

Long Summer days are something we spend most of the year dreaming about and its a great time to be in the garden or out in the park with your pet! However, we all know that we often have to share those glorious Summer days with some flying friends. Dogs especially seem to be particularly inquisitive when it comes to bees and wasps, they love to run and chase after them which can unfortunately lead to some painful stings!

So what should you do if your dog is stung by a bee?

Unfortunately because most dogs are chasing or investigating insects when they are stung we commonly see them having been stung on their face. A sting on the sensitive skin your dog's face is particularly painful and irritating, but being stung in their mouth can be very dangerous as the swelling that occurs can block their airways. If you know your dog has been stung in their mouth you should contact your vet straight away. You should also contact your vet straight away if you know your pet has been stung repeatedly.

Although stings on your dog's face tend to be the most worrying it is also worth remembering that if they are stung on their feet it can be very painful for some time for them to walk on the area. We will often see stings on paws where they have been 'playing' with a wasp or bee. So it is worth having your pet examined so that we can administer the appropriate treatment to ensure your pet is comfortable.

If your dog has been stung and you can still see the stinger in the skin you can try and remove it by scraping it with a rigid piece of paper or card. Try and avoid using tweezers or your fingers as even this little pressure may squeeze more venom out of the stinger.

A simple sting on an area of your pet other than their face (.i.e your dog's leg or body) may be able to be left alone. There may be some mild swelling and tenderness but hopefully this will only be temporary. However, if you decide that your dog does not need to be examined, you should still watch for signs of an allergic reaction. Just like people dogs can be very allergic to stings! Signs of a serious allergic reaction include:

  • [endif]Difficulty breathing

  • Severe swelling that is spreading away from the site of the sting

  • General weakness, sometimes your dog can look wobbly on their feet

If you are worried that your dog is having a serious allergic reaction you must contact your vet and be seen immediately. Our number is 0203 603 4441 and email is

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