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Ralph came in to see us a little while ago after he suffered a nasty cut to the pad on his back foot.


Ralph was so well behaved he allowed Dr Oli to examine the cut well enough to realise that unfortunately it needed to be stitched up.


We are not sure exactly what Ralph cut his pad on, but the cut itself was about 1 and ½ cm long and had gone right through his pad. 

This would have been very sore but Ralph remained his bouncy, happy self.


Ralph was anaesthetised by Dr Oli and nurse Charlotte so that his cut pad could be thoroughly cleaned, and carefully examined to make sure there was no foreign material in the wound.


Dr Oli then stitched the wound together to encourage it to heal as quickly as possible. 

Ralph's foot was bandaged to protect the wound.


Once his bandage was removed Ralph then had a lovely pair of new boots bought for him by his wonderful owners to wear until his pad had healed fully. Although he only needed one foot to be covered, Ralph loved his new boot so much that he decided he would only walk if he had one on each back foot!

Well done Ralph for being so brave!  Throughout your whole ordeal we loved getting to see you and your lovely smile!

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