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Interview with Nadine's Animal Adventures

We have just met Nadine and Bella from Nadine’s Animal Adventures. They set up 3 weeks ago and it was great to have a chat! Check this lovely duo out for dog walking and pet sitting services in Finchley!

What inspired you to set up your business Nadine’s Animal Adventures?

My passion has always been animal welfare, from frogs to dogs I love them all. After completing my Zoology degree and Masters in Wild Animal Biology, accredited by the Royal Veterinary College, I worked for a local pet sitting company. It felt only natural for me to set up my own business providing expert animal care in my hometown, Finchley and the surrounding areas. Nadine’s Animal Adventures is booming and I haven’t looked back!

How did you come up with your name and logo?

It took me a while to come up with the business name I wanted to encompass all pet species and the fun personalised services that we offer. Nadine’s Animal Adventures just felt like the right fit! For the logo it was important for me to symbolise the environment as well as the different pets that we can care for, there were a few options but the paw print tree symbolised Nadine’s Animal Adventures perfectly.

You’ve got a vast portfolio of animals you’ve cared for on your website including reptiles! What sort of care do reptiles need?

We love our reptile clients! I have a keen interest in both reptiles and amphibians after completing a placement in the reptile house at ZSL. We love meeting new reptile friends through our pet sitting services, from crested geckos to amazon tree frogs. Both lighting and heating are very important for cold-blooded animals so it’s vital to check it is set to the optimum for our reptilian pets. Some species also require live feeds such as crickets and locusts, which often puts people off but for us it’s no trouble!

Where are some of your favourite places to walk dogs around Finchley?

Hampstead heath is one of our favourite places to walk, it has grassy fields and woodland areas the best of both worlds, we also love the Hampstead heath extension. Coldfall woods is a great place to walk dogs, it is local and has a lovely doggy community we often bump into our pup clients on their day off in the woods. We also like to walk in Glebelands and Highgate woods offering different environments for the doggies to explore!

You walk dogs in small groups. Do the dogs always get along and what do you do if they don’t?

Our groups are matched with dogs that have similar temperaments and exercise needs, this is a lot easier to do in small groups. It also enables our regular doggy clients to grow up together and build strong bonds with both each other and the walkers. They make the best doggy buddies!

You’re trained in Pet First Aid. Do you have any simple advice to pet owners if their pet ever got injured?

We always carry a pet first aid kit in our vehicles as you never know when your pet will need medical care and always have a local veterinary’s number handy. Dogs may get cuts or scrapes when out and about, it’s important to keep any wound clean and dry if you are unsure of the severity of the wound consult a vet.

What can be a sign that your pet is in pain?

Any change in your pet’s behaviour may indicate they are in pain, they are more sensitive than we think! Other than the obvious signs of injury, loss of appetite, excess grooming, change in sleeping patterns and panting can all be signs that your dog may be in pain. Keep an eye on your beloved pooch!

Tell us a story of the most challenging dog you had to look after?

We have had a few rescue dogs that lacked socialisation and recall. Consistency and positive rewards are key, we always carry tasty treats and a squeaky ball with us on walks to practise recall and reward good behaviour. Practise makes perfect! Additionally, we use long training leads when improving on doggies recall. We often meet dogs that have some behavioural problems in their home, this can be improved with mental stimulation and regular exercise on our group walks and doggy day care.

This article contains advice from one of our many animal community friends. It has not been written by The Finchley Vet staff. We love to showcase other people's work as we think it makes things more interesting for you, our readers, however, it does mean that we have not checked any of the facts and any opinions are those of the author and not of the Finchley Vet, or Local Vet Ltd.

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