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Interview with RSPCA Friern Barnet

It was great to talk to the people at RSPCA Friern Barnet to find out a bit more about their wonderful work. Here's what they had to say!

What do the people who work at RSPCA Friern Barnet do day to day?

On a day to day basis the staff at Friern Barnet are responsible for the feeding, cleaning and socialising of the cats in our centre. We are also responsible for the centres admin, enquiries and adoptions. We have a large network of fosterers and volunteers to manage and the rest of our days are usually filled with home visits, vet appointments and transporting animals.

How many animals does RSPCA Friern Barnet have in their care at any one time?

Our centre can hold a maximum of 10 cats or kittens, but as we only have 3 pods we usually have between 3-6 cats at one time. We also have a large network of fosterers and usually have 10+ cats in foster at a time.

Where do the majority of the animals come from?

All our cats come from the RSPCA Harmsworth animal hospital and other local RSPCA branches.

We have heard that a large number of black animals are in rescue centres. Is this true?

Yes, a large percentage of our cats are black or black and white and they usually take longer to adopt too. We usually hear a lot of people saying that they don't want a black cat, and tabby and ginger cats are usually favourable. We think it is important to remember that the colour of a cat doesn't depict it as a pet and you could be missing out on a really lovable cat!

Tell us about the fostering process should anyone wish to do this?

We are always looking for new fosterers within close proximity to our centre to help us rehabilitate and rehome our cats. Becoming a fosterer is very easy and you can express your interest by sending us an email or by popping into the centre to fill out an application form. After we have your form we conduct a home visit at a time which is convenient for you, if everything is successful we can give you a cat as soon as you are ready. If you are interested in fostering for us and want some more info please get in contact.

Why should people rehome an animal?

Anyone who is looking for a new pet should first enquire with their local rehoming centre about adopting an animal. All of the RSPCAs cats and dogs are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption as well as being fully behaviour assessed and health checked. By adopting an animal instead of buying one you will be helping set an example and cut backstreet breeders and the puppy farms. By adopting a pet you are giving two animals a second chance in life, the animal you adopt and the animal who is waiting for a rehoming space. We often find that adopters have concerns about adopting an adult or previously stray cat from us as they feel they will not adjust to their family as easily as a kitten. We can reassure you that an adult rescue cat has just as much love to give as a kitten, if not more! An adult rescue pet will really appreciate their new home and being loved by a family again. If it's a feline friend you are looking for, we have amazing cats in our care who are all different ages, colours, shapes and sizes! Pop into our centre or give us a call to talk about adopting a pet.

Are dogs trained and socialised before leaving RSPCA Friern Barnet?

Unfortunately we do not currently adopt out dogs from our centre.

What happens if the adoption process doesn’t work out?

We always try our best to make sure an adoption is permanent as we don't want to stress a cat by making them go through the rehoming process again. We carry out a home check prior to any adoption and try to match a cat and their personality to a family as best as we can. We also offer advice and support to owners after an adoption should they need it. If an adoption still doesn't work out or there is exceptional circumstances, we are happy to take a cat back into our care.

Tell us a couple of your happiest ending stories!

Baby Bear (picture below) - This 1 year old beautiful girl was one of our recent long foster stays after initially coming into our care after getting trapped in her previous owners window. Unfortunately the incident caused nerve damage in Baby Bear's hind legs and her owner signed her over as they were unable to provide veterinary treatment for her. After some vet treatment, rehab and lots of TLC in a foster home, Baby Bear quickly regained full use of her hind legs like nothing had ever happened! Although poor Baby Bear was ready for adoption she unfortunately didn’t have any enquiries despite her good looks and adorable personality. After spending nearly 6 months in our care we finally had an enquiry for Baby Bear and her new owner instantly fell in love with her as soon as she met her! Baby Bear is now living a life of luxury in her new forever home just like she deserves.

Where can people see which animals are available for rehoming?

They can find all our cats profiles via our main website (, they can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the cats that come into our care. (Facebook - rspcafriernbarnetcentre Instagram - rspca_friernbarnet)

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