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Brexit and your pets

Discussions and news about Brexit are hard to avoid, but it is really important to consider how Brexit may affect traveling with some of your closest companions after 29th March 2019. Pet owners that travel with your pets to Europe frequently know at the moment the process is relatively straightforward. Unfortunately, we currently do not have a definitive answer as to how this process may change. The government have outlined three possible scenarios based on the outcome of the Brexit discussions. This is a summary of the ‘worst case’ scenario, which will apply if the UK is classed as an ‘unlisted third country’ by the EU. We have summarised this one as this would require the most planning ahead to allow you to travel with your pet.

IF we become an unlisted third country: All pet owners – even those that currently have a valid pet passport – will have to start discussions with their vet practice at least FOUR MONTHS before they plan to travel with their pets.

  • Pets would need to visit their vets for the following:

  • A microchip (if your pet already has one they do not need another)

  • A rabies vaccination (even if your pet is up to date with their rabies vaccination it is worth discussing with your vet to see if they need another)

  • A blood test at least 30 days after their rabies vaccination – this blood test to make sure your pet has responded adequately to the rabies vaccination they have been given.

  • If your pet’s blood test results show they have responded adequately to the rabies vaccination your pet would then need to wait at least THREE MONTHS from the date the blood test was collected before they can travel.

  • Your pet would then need a health certificate issued 10 DAYS before your departure from the UK.

This certificate would only be valid for entry into the EU within 10 days after the date of issue (if your trip was cancelled or postponed you would need another one issued).

It would be valid for 4 months of onward travel within the EU Re-entry into the UK would need to be within 4 months of the date of issue of this certificate. On arriving in the EU pets and owners would need to enter through a designated ‘Travellers point of entry.’

It is important to remember that

  • If you HAVE to travel with your pet to Europe on or shortly after the 29th March 2019 you would need to start this process NOW to ensure you will be allowed to travel IF the UK became classed as an unlisted third country.

  • At the moment we have NO WAY of knowing if this will be necessary as the government have not set a date for when they will announce how pet travel will be affected.

For more information about the possible outcomes of the Brexit discussions, and how they may affect your pet please look at the government website. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you have (as best as we possibly can with the information we have currently been given!) Some of our vets are officially government certified to allow them to issue passports and pet travel documents. So please feel free to call (0203 603 4441) or email us ( if we can help in any way to ensure your furry friends get a holiday too next year!

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