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Interview with Zuzi's Grooming

We hooked up with local Temple Fortune dog groomers' Zuzi's and asked them some questions.

How do you attempt to groom a dog that hates water?

If a dog hates water very horribly so so much - dry shampoo might be a solution. But, in my experience, with bit of patience and positive encouragement, slowly they realise there is nothing to worry about. Firstly - the worst thing ever is DIY of people. They put the dog in a shower or bath, dog starts moving around and they chase him with a shower 🚿. Water runs to the dog's nose and only thing he can think of is - I'M GONNA DIE HERE...

Some dogs might be afraid of the sound of the dryer. What can be done about this?

For a noise of dryer - we have something which called "happy hoodie". That cover dog's ears, so no air is blowing inside, and noise is muffled. But, for really scared dogs it's usually done by hand with only one dryer in distance. As close as dog is comfortable with it. With a time, bringing dryer closer and closer.

How long does it take to groom a dog and how often ought it be done?

How long it takes depends - just bath and tidy - about a hour. Full groom (bath, blow dry, cut) about 2 hours. Those are standard times for let's say cockapoos. It's recommended to have dog groomed every 6-8 weeks. BUT... Again, it depends on so many factors...

Do you groom all breeds of dog? Do you have a favourite?

Yea,we do all breeds of dogs. My favourite are sweeties. Doesn't matter what breed! 😊

What breeds could a person consider if they are looking for a low maintenance dog (in terms of grooming)?

if someone is looking for low maintenance dogs grooming vise - short haired up to something like setter or colie.

What breeds could a person consider if they want to spend a lot of time grooming?

High maintenance breeds are all with long double coats,for example Old English sheep dog.

If a pet owner chooses to groom their dog themselves, do you have any advice?

Best is to have a word with a groomer. If someone wants to really do himself - there are places - same as groomers going to learn - and pay for a day or two course-how to groom their dog. They are going to learn on their own pet so a lot of skills right there.

You can find out more and book an appointment with Zuzi's. Details on their website

This is a guest blog by one of our many animal community friends. It has not been written by The Finchley Vet staff. We love to showcase other people's work as we think it makes things more interesting for you, our readers, however, it does mean that we have not checked any of the facts and any opinions are those of the author and not of the Finchley Vet, or Local Vet Ltd.

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