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A walk through our feline friendly practice

We love cats! One of our aims when we set up our practice was to be as cat friendly as we could be! Here are some of things we do to make visiting the vets less stressful for cats.

Cat Waiting Area

We've got enough space to keep cats and dogs separate whilst in the waiting area. There are special 'cat parking' areas for their carriers, helping them feel safe and secure away from bouncy dogs!

Cat-Sized Operating Equipment

We use cat-specific equipment, meaning our operating gear is the optimal size and shape for them. Cats receive the best treatment and care to get them back to health more effectively.

Special Cat Wards

When we have cats in with us, we keep them in veterinary-designed cat wards. These wards have plenty of space and they're even climate controlled! The wards have no bars and do not face towards each other. This is important in keeping stress levels down as cats don't tend to like being watched by other animals!

We also...

Follow a No Scruff Policy

We'll never scruff a cat (potentially a painful technique where the skin on the back of the neck is held) apart from in extreme cases where a pet's or human's health is at risk. Our holistic stress-free approach to cat care means cats who visit The Finchley Vet are a bit more relaxed anyway, so they're more tolerant of us handling them

Keep Cat and Dog Inpatients Separated

Cats are much happier when kept away from dogs and similarly, dogs are less agitated when kept away from cats.

Cats will always be a bit stressed when they come to the vets, but we find that cats that come to the Finchley Vet are a little more relaxed than many of the vets and nurses are used to. That means, better treatment for them and cats that get back to health with less stress. Please contact us on 0203 603 4441 to find out more about our great cat care.

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