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Autumn 2017 newsletter

We're really pleased to let you know about our upcoming talks and to introduce our new team member, Flo.

Firework time is coming up and planning ahead can help you help your pet. Please read our firework advice for all the things you can do this year.

If you have been to see us recently we hope you have had the very best care from the whole team. If so, we'd really appreciate your vote in the upcoming Pet Plan Veterinary Awards.

Happy reading!

fireworks & pet anxiety If you think about fireworks; strange loud bangs that occur normally late at night, without any pattern or rhythm to them they can be so loud you feel the vibrations through the floor and furniture, sudden bright lights and shadows that are created with an odd burning smell in the air – they are pretty scary, especially if you don't understand what is going on. How to help your pet

meet Flo Flo has decided to follow her dream to work alongside animals always having had a keen interest in animals and nature from a young age. She is currently studying Zoology and is a Volunteer Keeper at ZSL London Zoo. Flo is our new Client Care Team Member and is excited to meet all the Finchley Vet pets and their humans! Meet the team

the bot!! We are proud to announce another new member of our team - and it's a robot! We wanted to make it easy to ask basic questions about our wonderful practice easily, so we developed the Finchley Vet Bot. You can ask it things like 'what times do you consult' and 'where should I park'. See if you can find him on our website!!

eye-opening talks We're running a series of evening talks for our clients. The first one was about pets & anxiety and it went really well. We've summarised our advice on reducing anxiety in our blog so do have a read. We'd love for you to come along to one of our future talks - see what's planned

new video section on website

Check out our short videos on the website. Let us know if you like them and tell us what else you would like to learn about!

Vote for us - Pet Plan Veterinary Awards

If you have been to see us recently and have received the best care, we'd really appreciate a vote in the 2018 Pet Plan Veterinary Awards. Thank you so much.

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