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New ear and mouth scope finds tooth spur

We found this today with our new mouth and ear scope. A 1 year 6 month old rabbit, currently eating OK.

The picture shows a tooth spur (shown in the red square).

A rabbit's teeth are constantly growing. If the teeth are not worn down - usually because they are not eating enough hay - they will form spikes on the edges - called spurs.

If we do not stop the overgrowth of teeth, the spurs will continue to grow either into the tongue, or above the tongue, pinning the tongue to the floor of the mouth - both very painful!!

A rabbit's diet should be 80-90% hay. Chewing hay grinds their ever-growing teeth down to a safe level. These very painful spurs can otherwise develop really quickly. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more advice on keeping your rabbit's teeth in check!

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