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5 nasty pests and infections

1. Fleas

Unfortunately they don't just bite your pets, they can bite YOU too!

Despite being extremely irritating these little parasites are actually quite impressive and can jump 150 times their own height with the acceleration of a space rocket!!!

2. Giardia

This googlie eyed guy is not as cute as his appearance suggests! Giardia most commonly causes nasty foul smelling diarrhoea in cats and dogs who can then pass the infection on to YOU their owner!

When examined under a microscope they look like a smiling clown face! But getting infected by one of them is no laughing matter!

3. MRSA Superbug

MRSA is a variation of a very common bacteria, found growing harmlessly on skin.

This nasty bug has an extraordinary super power, he can't be killed by most (sometimes all!!) antibiotics.

Superheroes good or bad have a weakness. Although hard to get rid off once you are infected simple hygiene and giving antibiotics as directed helps prevent him from being able to spread.

4. Lice

This friendly fellow loves to cling on to hair with his powerful claws. He spends his days chewing on your pet's skin, causing an itchy, dry scruffy-looking coat.

Give him a cuddle next time you come in to the clinic... but don't be surprised if he won't let go!

5. Rabies

This angry eyed little virus is named after the latin, 'to rage'! Infected animals often appear extremely aggressive and if they bite a human they can transmit the disease to them.

Luckily we don't see rabies in pets in this country. But it's an essential vaccination for those pets lucky enough to go on holiday with their owners!

Contact us for any aspect of advice regarding any of these nasty insects, pests or infections! Preventative health care is a service we feel strongly about - speak to us and see how we can help!

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