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Ruby is a lovely 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who visited us as she had been sneezing for over 24 hours, causing her nose to become red, sore  and bleed.  We suspected that she had something stuck up her nostril and the owners asked us to investigate!

Ruby was starved overnight and came in for a general anaesthetic so we could examine her nostrils. We ran pre- anaesthetic bloods to ensure Ruby’s organ function was normal prior to any drugs or anaesthesia being administered. Bloods were taken from the vein in Ruby neck and we ran the bloods using our in-house machine meaning we had her result in minutes!


Ruby was anaesthetised for Dr.Oli (the vet) to investigate the cause of her excessive sneezing. A small scope was used to see down both of Ruby’s nostrils.


In Ruby’s right nostril and he was able to see two foreign objects! Sterile forceps were used to grasp the objects, which turned out to be grass seeds. To ensure there were no other sources of irritation we packed Ruby’s throat with swabs (to ensure that no water went down her throat) and flushed her nostrils with sterile water. Ruby recovered from her general anaesthetic with no problems, she was given a painkiller and anti-inflammatory injection, and even woke up wagging her tail! She was sent home with a course of antibiotics and further pain relief. Ruby is now comfortable and no longer sneezing!  


What a star!

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map of the finchley vet
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